sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

Learn German. And english...

I'm trying to learn german. I know that i have to practice more english in first place, 'cause it isn't so good, but next month i'll be on vacation (college, not work) and i'll have enough time for studyin' both languages _ i expect.

Learnin' a new language it's hard because you have to memorize the words, all the words and structures, because you know none. The saddest part is know anybody for practicing, this way you may forget almost everything, it means lose you time.

I'm sure that i've committed a few mistakes in this text, but like i've just said, i need to practice more and more.

I searched on the internet some german courses and i chose LiveMocha for a while. If somebody knows a better site, please tell me.

Here it goes some links that can help you (and me) learning german:

Learn German Guide


Learn German (Youtube)



Paul Joyce German Course

Learn German - ELanguage School

Em português:

Dicas de alemão

Quero Aprender Alemão


Nunca esquecendo que o nosso idioma continua a ser um dos mais bonitos de se falar. E o inglês é o mais legal de se cantar, metal principalmente \m/ \m/

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