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Speak english. Imaginary Friend. I am listening. Comic Strip.

Este notas mentais será escrito em inglês. Por que me deu vontade, antes que alguém pergunte.

Note number one.

I've been looking for a new job for a certain time, but until now i had no success. One of the things so badly required is to know ENGLISH. Write, read and talk in english, mainly.

So if you aren't understanding this post, you really need to run to a english school to fit in the labor market _ i didn't know what the expression "mercado de trabalho" means in english, so i searched here.

If you see the List of languages by number of native speakers, you will also know that english is the second language most spoken in the world (as native and second language).

I love portuguese, is beutiful to hear and speak, but surely, it's so hard to learn. English, on the other hand, is easy to learn, but as everything in this f**ing world, you need to train so hard. A teacher of mine used to say that we must have a dicionary as a pillow book, and every day, look for two words and record them in the mind. Of course that isn't enough to know everything we need, but it's a simple and helpful step.

Now, if you're understanding this post, please, don't kill me lol. Why ? I'm sure that this post has a huge number of mistakes. But i'm trying to do my best. I was better than that, but i believe that i can become better than i was before !

Did you read ? Did i commit any mistake ? So please, comment and tell me what is wrong.

Think: The image from this note, shows some countries that speak english as native language, but, they are not no numerous, and english is spread worldwide. It can be considered a kind of domination ... ?

Note number two.

When i was a child, i used to have imaginary friends. We fought against the evil forces, we played _ and won _ the most important soccer championships and a lot of amazing stories. When i was a ten-year-old child i left my imaginary friends, and like my father, i began soliloquizing. Soliloquy means talk alone.

I thought that i was crazy, and this was a way to deal with solitude, 'cause i'm the unique son of my parents, and i didn't have many friends _ until today i have a few friends lol.

Readin' some texts and talking to people, i realized that this is more normal than i could have imagined. But it's normal until 6 years old hehe. My imaginary friends survived more than they should.

Imaginary friends help kids to deal with: solitude, anxiety, stress, fear, anguish, lost of something worthy (friends, relatives, pets, toys) and any other thing that is able to let the child down. Parents cannot treat the child as sick or different, it'll be worst and the child will isolate her/himself.

The award animation tv series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, has a great concept of this subject. When a child "create" a imaginary friend, it become a physical being the exactly way s/he have thought. But when the child grows and left your friend, it goes to Madame Foster's house.

By the way, the definition of the word foster is: affording, receiving, or sharing nurture or parental care though not related by blood or legal tie

Note number three.

When i started writing this post, i was hearing the song Seventh Sign from Yngwie Malmsteen band. Watch the video here !

Note number four.

Do you speak english ?

Hand shake to boys
and kisses to girls =D

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